Saturday 19 February 2022

Getting things done - Riverside Drive #dundeewestend

A number of residents have mentioned to me that it would be good to have a public access path right along the river front on Riverside Drive from Discovery Point to the Invergowrie boundary.

Currently, the Green Circular walking/cycling route has to veer north, away from the river, immediately west of the Bridgeview Station Restaurant as the path along the front comes to an end just west of there (see photo).   This is because of the airport site to the west where there is no path access through at the south end of the airport next to the river.

I contacted the airport manager who advises :

'The airport has never considered including a path as that area is out with the airport boundary and I believe it sits with the council.

In principle we would consider this provided that there is a security plan included within that.

I think the bigger concern would be the safety when in this area and it would need some hefty protective measures.

I know the council engineers who were dealing with the flood protection works were looking at the area to the west and north of the airport.'

I thereafter contacted the council's Outdoor Access Officer with this feedback and he responded as follows :

"I have exchanged emails with City Development colleagues. Dundee City Council Engineers have carried out some initial investigation of where a path could go and what would be required to be engineered. 

Flood defence work may be required here in the future and it is hoped that this will give an opportunity for funding and provide an area for any path to be constructed.    No further design or investigation work is underway at the moment."

I have asked the council to engage with the airport on this as I would hope that a properly secured access could be built in to future flood defence works to improve the public access along this stretch of the riverline along Riverside Drive.