Wednesday 20 October 2021

Road lining issues at Blackness Avenue #dundeewestend

Numerous residents have contacted me about the white lining that has been painted on the newly resurfaced Blackness Avenue at its junction with Hawkhill/Perth Road.   In their view - and mine - the left turn lane has been painted incorrectly and the disabled bay far too close to the junction.

I contacted the City Council towards the end of last week and last Friday was advised :

"I would confirm having been on site this morning that the lining works at the south end have not been completed with the left turn/straight ahead arrows still to be painted in the left lane. 

The reason they have not been painted so far is the parked vehicle in the exact spot where the paint has to go down. Once the vehicle is moved the directional markings can be completed.

To date all road markings are restored to their original locations when the surfacing is completed."

The left lane marking was added later that day - but the situation is not in my view improved - see photos below - you can judge for yourself ...

Needless to say, I have gone back to council officers as the current lining is clearly incorrect. I have been advised by the Senior Engineer - Roads Maintenance Partnership as follows :

"I will get the designers to review the lining again and determine where the differences are. I will let you know the outcome asap."

Old layout on Google Street View - clearly room for a left turn lane :

New layout - left turn lane effectively gone :