Sunday 24 October 2021

Double parking danger – a solution in sight #dundeewestend

As residents will recall, I have previously raised concerns about the dangers posed by double parking in several West End streets, often alongside Eurobins.    Drivers have raised concerns about the safety concerns about cars effectively parked well into the roadway – a particular danger at night.    Most complaints have come from Rosefield Street and Forest Park Road, with some from Peddie Street and some other streets.

Having had more concerns raised recently, I highlighted this to Police Scotland and also to the roads team at the City Council.

Our community police sergeant for the West End and Lochee has advised :

“You have raised this concern with Police Scotland in the past and have spoken to the West End Community Officers to see if they had previous knowledge.

A colleague previously attempted to deal with this and he informs me that the previous update from Dundee City Council suggested legislation was being progressed through parliament to tackle this very issue, but as a result of COVID-19 ground to a halt.

At this time from a policing perspective, every individual instance would have to be assessed on its own merits, to establish if any offences under the Road Traffic Act 1988 were being committed.

I appreciate this is not an ideal situation because it does not bring about any speedy resolution to the problems.

I am aware the council parking attendants were also involved the last time there was repeated complaints being made but again, I do not believe they have powers to enforce any penalties in respect of the double parking as they are not on double yellow lines, hence the need for new legislation.

I can only ask that any residents consider contacting Police Scotland on 101 if they are concerned about the safety of pedestrians and other road users from the manner of parking of vehicles in the area. The circumstances can thereafter be fully assessed and police action taken if deemed relevant and appropriate in the circumstances.”

The council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership Depute Manager further advised :

“I can confirm the secondary legislation has been delayed due to the Scottish Ministers prioritising COVID legislation and other emergency legislation.

Once we receive the secondary legislation for the ban on pavement parking and double parking this will make it easier for local authorities to ensure our pavements and roads are safer and more accessible to all.

I believe the teams within the Scottish Government will be looking at this shortly.    There are many parts of the Transport Scotland Act 2019.

Unfortunately I have no definite timescale with Spring/Summer 2022 the latest suggested date been mentioned by Transport Scotland officers.”

The introduction of legislation to stop this dangerous parking is vital and long overdue and will ensure safer roads in the future, especially on dark nights.