Friday, 18 March 2016

Sunken pavement - Ashbank Road

I recently received concerns from residents about the state of the pavement in Ashbank Road on its east side near to the junction with Logie Avenue at the south side of the estate - see photo below :
It is badly sunken and, in the view of residents and myself, not safe to walk along.

I immediately contacted the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership who have put barriers in place - see below.
I have been advised by the Roads Maintenance Partnership :

"I am unable to advise of likely timescale for repair at present due to budget constraints."

This is rather concerning and exactly what I warned about at the council's budget meeting last month, where my alternative budget, had it been adopted, would have reduced the scale of cuts in roads and pavements maintenance.     

The scale of cuts in roads and pavements budgets are significant and will bite over the next year.

I will continue to campaign for proper reinstatement of the pavement in this part of Ashbank Road.