Tuesday 22 March 2016

Dundee House - waiting arrangements

I recently received residents' complaints that the ticketing system at Dundee House when waiting for council tax and benefits enquiries is not working properly.

I contacted the City Council about this and the Head of Customer Services & IT has updated me as follows :

"At present we are experiencing some issues with the self service ticket machine. 

There is a notice placed on the machine directing customers to reception where staff can provide them with a ticket, where possible we are greeting customers on arrival and then taking them to reception to obtain the appropriate ticket.

There have been some issues with the current system from an IT perspective, around the hardware and replacement of parts and new security standards. Given this and also a number of other issues we are currently going through a tendering process for a new queue management system and demonstrations where held last week, I hope to be able to award the contract very soon which will result in a new queue management system for Dundee House and the District Offices."

I am pleased to say the new system was agreed at City Council's Policy & Resources Committee last week.