Monday 14 March 2016

Major Scottish Water works planned - City Road and Perth Road

Last week, I had discussions with Scottish Water's Regional Communities Team Manager about proposed major works planned for the summer in City Road and Perth Road.    It is planned to start the Perth Road works in July (when university students and the schools are on holiday) with the City Road works starting as soon as Perth Road completes.

As these works will have a significant impact - for example, resulting in one-way traffic in the area of the Perth Road shopping area for 6 weeks - I am pleased that Scottish Water is advising of these at an early stage to allow full consultation with community groups such as West End Community Council (in relation to Perth Road), Community Spirit Action Group (in relation to City Road) and the Perth Road business community.

Scottish Water is keen to meet with community groups and we have agreed that I will arrange a meeting for the Perth Road business community next month so that the issues can be fully discussed.

At this stage, Scottish Water has given me the following initial information :

Scottish Water investment in Dundee Water infrastructure

Scottish Water is investing £5m in upgrading Dundee’s water infrastructure. This work is vital to support redevelopment and growth in the city – whenever new buildings are going up, such as on Dundee’s waterfront for example, we need to make sure the pipes in the ground are upgraded to support that development. We also invest to ensure our customers continue to receive the highest quality drinking water possible.

Why are we doing this work?

Water mains can vary in age and that’s why the upgrading, and in some cases replacement, of these essential supply pipes is vital to ensure we achieve maximum water quality and security of supply for our customers.

By further investing in our network of almost 30,000 miles of pipes around Scotland, we can build on the progress made in recent years to provide all our customers with the very best drinking water.

What does the work entail?

Pipe refurbishment work includes replacement, re-lining the internal structure of the mains or cleaning them by swabbing and flushing. This improves the water quality from the existing water mains pipes by cleaning any deposits that have built up over time.

How can the public find out more about the work? 

In advance of the work beginning, Scottish Water will be holding information events to give customers, businesses and road users the chance to meet the project team, view drawings of our planned work and discuss any queries they might have.

Whenever Scottish Water is doing work in an area we will always ensure that any disruption to customers water supply and daily lives is kept to a minimum.

Scottish Water works with local businesses to ensure access to their premises is maintained. We use signage to make sure everyone is aware that those premises are open for business as usual and no one should be put off visiting Dundee city centre. We believe our customers understand the need for this £5m investment and welcome the benefits this will bring to Dundee now and in the future.