Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Glenagnes Street council lock-ups demolition - an update

Some weeks ago, I updated residents about the proposed demolition of the now-empty Glenagnes Street lock-ups - scheduled at that point for towards the end of January.

This has been delayed due to the demolition contractor running behind with other projects across Dundee and I asked the City Council for an update on the position.   

An officer in the Housing Quality and Performance Unit has now advised :

"Unfortunately we have not had the response from the demolition contractor that I would have liked regarding the programme for demolition of lock up garages.   Whilst they are doing an excellent job on site they have not matched on timescale expectations.

However they now seem to be back one-track to complete the contract which covers various locations across the city.

With regard to Glenagnes (Street lock-ups) it has now been determined that a temporary road closure is required to allow both their operators to work safety and for the community, who may normally access this route, to be safe whilst operations are on site. 

The process for a temporary road closure has commenced and it is expected that the contractor will be able to start week commencing 21 March 2016."