Tuesday, 1 March 2016

'A leap of faith into the future' exhibition at Roseangle Arts Café

The 'A leap of faith into the future' exhibition will run from today until this Saturday [5th March 2016] and can be viewed from 10am to 4pm daily.    Last night, I attended the preview, which was excellent - see a photo from the exhibition below :
The exhibition is a Futures Project run by Craigowl Communities.    Futures Project works with people whose lives have been impacted on by homelessness and Roseangle Arts Café is a community café that supports people to progress into employment;   both are Craigowl Communities projects.

Jeannette Ginslov, the exhibition facilitor points out that "Art as therapy, movement and creating interactive media using mobile devices, is beneficial to the Craigowl Future's clients, as the sessions shift perception, instil confidence and create a sense of creative agency.

"Each participant has had a hurdle to overcome and through these sessions, they have opened themselves to change and a sense of belief and courage that is needed to move with confidence into the future.

"“Making, creating and devising by any means makes any person feel adventurous, brave and accomplished."

The exhibition is excellent and well worth a visit this week.