Monday, 29 September 2014

Conservation Area Appraisals

Last week, I highlighted the astonishing situation that at a council committee, the hapless SNP administration bulldozed through approval to consult communities on the detail of Conservation Area Appraisal documents without showing the content of the documents with the councillors who sit on that committee.   

One of the more bizarre things I have seen on the council over the years and rather highlighting that – how can I put this politely? – the SNP administration isn’t exactly ministry of all the talents …

I made a complaint to the Chief Executive about this ridiculous state of affairs and earlier today he advised me that:

“I have now discussed this matter with (the Director of City Development) and I can confirm that in future, Conservation Area Appraisals (and other similar consultation documents) will be available to all elected members at the same time as the Committee papers are issued.    This may be by way of a web link when these documents are lengthy in order to avoid unnecessarily overloading the paper agendas.”

A sensible decision – although I am still waiting to be given sight of the Conservation Area Appraisal documents the council approval consultation upon last Monday night!