Thursday, 11 September 2014

A further update - Riverside Drive

As I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter earlier this week, there was a discussion about the roadworks on Riverside Drive at the West End Community Council meeting on Tuesday.    I promised to take up two issues - directional signage and the pedestrian crossing arrangements - with the City Engineer and he has now updated as follows :
- Poor Signage - the signage is maintained by CTM the specialist traffic management contractor.   CTM will check the position and advise but to date there have been no concerns. 
- Pedestrian Crossing - when the button is pressed a light round the button illuminates, he will check that these are working and if not will get them fixed.
On the concerns that have been expressed about the road surface that were raised in the Courier this week, hew also advises :
... when asked why it was not all being dug up, (the complainant) was properly advised that it was not required as the condition of the carriageway was sufficient for an inlay (ie plane out the top surfacing and overlay with new). 
In relation to the issue of a ‘bumpy’ new surface, there was an issue during a nightshift when a piece of plant broke down, disrupting the laying process however, this was not significant and the supervisory team have no great concerns with the running surface. This is however to be investigated further when the carriageway is subject to a full road closure at the weekend and if remedial work is considered necessary it will be addressed at this time.
I would stress that the work is not yet finished, as can be seen from the photograph in the article, and we would ask for the travelling public's patience until the work is completed.