Wednesday, 24 September 2014

City Council Scrutiny Committee

This afternoon, I participated in the council's Scrutiny Committee meeting at which I :

+ Praised Blackness Primary School for its excellent recent inspection report.   I also similarly praised Woodlea Children's Centre on a very positive inspection report and asked a question in relation to the report on Kingspark School about ways the school supports children and young people with challenging behaviour.

+ Queried the detail of an internal audit report on Houses in Multiple Occupation and the process of determining HMO licences.   I also queried the implementation of recommendations from internal audit on the council's mobile phone telecommunications.

+ Expressed concern about the reduced opening summer hours at the Mills Observatory and its effect on overall visitor numbers and also asked a question about recycling rates.

+ Queried the speed with which complaints to the council are dealt with and expressed concern at the drop in the success rate in getting people in the city looking for work a successful job outcome - I will be following progress on turning this situation around with close interest in the coming months.