Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday activities

This morning, I participated in the latest meeting of the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board, the first at which the new Bridge Manager, Alan Hutchison, took part.    Before the commencement of the meeting, pupils from Pitlochry High School were presented with prizes for winning (and also taking second place!) the West Point Bridge Design Competition, sponsored by the Board.

During the Joint Board meeting, I commented on the external audit report and also sought assurances about value for money for a £300 000+ project for bridge deck surfacing maintenance repair works.

After my ward surgeries at the Mitchell Street and West Park Centres this afternoon, I participated in tonight's City Council Development Management Committee, at which I spoke in favour of a successful amendment by Bailie Derek Scott to oppose an increase in non-food sales at Sainsbury Broughty Ferry, stating that we must protect our district shopping centres.   With regard to a request for Direct Action regarding to non-compliance of an Advertising Enforcement Notice affecting two properties in Perth Road, I queried the necessity to bring these to committee (given the small costs involved) but was assured that there was no significant delay caused by this going through the committee cycle.

Earlier today, I also visited the Roseangle mini-recycling centre, following residents' concerns about the over-flow of recycling and need for more frequent collections.   As you can see below, the complaints are more than justified!  :
The City Council's Environment Department was very swift to reply to my request for action, stating:

"I've asked one of the Project Assistants to look into this & monitor the situation at Roseangle over the next few weeks, making any necessary changes to the uplift frequencies."

However, I have also asked for an immediate uplift of items, given the mess at the site.