Saturday, 7 June 2014

Getting things done - Riverside Drive

Residents have expressed concern to me about the regular flooding that has been taking place at the bridge over the railway on Riverside Drive, south of the Botanic Garden.     A resident kindly supplied me with the photo - below - that illustrates the problem:
I have taken up the problem with the City Engineer and the Team Leader (Infrastructure) has now updated me as follows:

"I have discussed this with my Roads Maintenance colleagues as I did not have this location identified as a flood "hot spot."

I am advised that following the erection of the houses in Vernonholme, flooding occurred at this location suggesting a problem with the Scottish Water sewer serving this development and to which the road gully is connected. At times of heavy rain, the sewer would be overloaded and back up through the gully.

Scottish Water carried our some work on the sewer which seemed to resolve the issue as there has not been a problem here for several years that we are aware of.

It could be that in periods of very short intense rainfall events there is still an issue.

Both myself and Roads Maintenance colleagues will monitor this location to see if this is a recurring problem and, if so, discuss possible remedial action with Scottish Water."