Saturday, 21 June 2014

Getting things done - West Park Road area

Residents have recently complained to me about vehicles parking right on the end of several of the roads that join West Park Road causing sight lines difficulties at junctions - so asked if the transportation team at the City Council could look at yellow lining right at the junctions where appropriate.

The Head of Transportation has advised:
The intention is that in advance of the Harris Academy returning to the Perth Road the parking restrictions around the school will be revisited, along the lines of the wider vicinity previously proposed for parking restrictions but abandoned in light of the impending decant.   I will ask that your constituents' request is included in these considerations.  
All junctions should be protected through the basic rules of the Highway Code with Rule 243 stating that you should not park within 10 metres of a junction.  I realise in reality that this is often abused and the yellow lines are often in place to assist enforce where there are pedestrian / road safety issues.