Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lighting issue - steps from Scott Street to Pentland Avenue

Steps - Scott Street-Pentland Avenue
Last year, I raised, on behalf of residents, the need for lighting on the steps from Scott Street to Pentland Avenue.   The steps are well-used and often by elderly people and are quite dark at night, relying on what light reaches the area from the adjacent roads.

At the time, the council's Street Lighting Partnership advised :

"… we looked at putting lights on the stairs.   Unfortunately it's just not technically feasible and the costs would not justify since there is a lit route via the end of Scott Street."

However, as I have continued to receive requests from residents for lighting here, I have again raised the matter with the Street Lighting Partnership, who have updated me as follows :

"I have spent some time looking into alternative method of lighting this footpath.    The position on conventional lighting remains the same. 

I have looked at some solar powered lighting by Philips Lighting and was advised that Solar Lighting it not really feasible in the North Hemisphere as there is insufficient sun light to keep the batteries charged for the whole year. possibly as technology moves a more cost effective and easier method of lighting footpath my become available.

I will continue to pursue the lighting industry for a permanent answer to these problems."

With the agreement of the Street Lighting Partnership, I have asked a contact I have at the University of Dundee, who has expertise in solar lighting, to hopefully provide some advice on this matter that could provide a solution.