Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Blackness Road replacement bus shelter - work started

Further to my article last month giving an update about the need for a replacement bus shelter on the north side of Blackness Road, just east of the Glenagnes Road junction and near to the West End Schools' Campus, I am now pleased to be able to report the commencement of work on the replacement shelter.   

This has been something of a saga as some sixteen months ago, a vehicle badly damaged the previous shelter and I have been raising the need for a replacement shelter with the City Council ever since.   

Whilst accepting that this replacement shelter proved to a more complex issue than a standard shelter replacement given the site layout and significant pedestrian footfall being so close to the schools campus, it is with rather a sense of relief that work on the new shelter has finally started.   

Many thanks to Donald Suttie for the photo below of the works taking place this morning: