Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Area around Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout - progress on pedestrian safety improvements

Back in February, I reported that a number of constituents have contacted me about how difficult they find it to get across the road in the area around the Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout.     The City Council's Head of Transportation had responded positively to my request for improvements, stating that a site visit would be undertaken to ascertain the viability of providing a central refuge island and drop kerbs.

The good news is that the Team Leader in Network Management has now advised:
The Engineers have now carried out a site survey for this location and have confirmed the carriageway is greater than 9m wide and therefore a central refuge island can be accommodated.

The island design with drop kerb provision will be carried out for this scheme for inclusion within this year minor works and drop kerb programme.