Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Olympia

A constituent contacted me recently about the new Olympia facility as follows:

“My family has visited the new Olympia and we are very impressed but is there some sort of conspiracy to keep the identity of Dundee's latest premier swimming pool secret?   

I would have though that some exterior signage to identify the thing would have been usual ... attract custom etc?    

Also the large windows of the facility are already covered in bird mess and it would be good to be reassured that the facility will have these large windows kept clean.”

I took up the matter with the Director of Leisure & Communities who has advised me:

"The good news is that the signage contract is progressing and we expect to see it there soon.

I share the concern about keeping the glass facade clean but have been assured by the project team that this will form one of many maintenance contracts and that it will be periodically washed down."

I am pleased that these matters are in hand.  Having good signage at the facility can only help promote Dundee's newest swimming and leisure facility.