Friday, 26 July 2013

Blackness Library works and planned re-opening - latest news

My last update regarding the works currently going on at the library and the progress with them referred to a site meeting that was planned for earlier this week.

I have now been updated by Library and Information Services at Leisure and Culture Dundee as follows:

"Here is the update from the site meeting on the 23rd. The sanitary ware is still not in place in the new toilets, nor is the new flooring.The contracted estimated this should be done by the end of this week. The ceiling in the adult library has been repaired and decorated. Decoration to the new access extension and toilets is ongoing. The ground floor will be handed back to us on Monday 29th July. 

Our Resource Assistants will begin the reassembling of shelves, reinstating the public access computers on Monday and we will begin the process of moving back from Logie & St John's Church on Wednesday 31st July. 

The library will close on Tuesday 30th July at 5.30pm and reopen in the original premises at 9am on Monday 5th August. 

When we reopen on the 5th August there will be no access to the upper floor. As work is still ongoing around the upstairs rooms we think for safety's sake that we restrict access until the whole project is completed.

The whole project will be completed on time, i.e. 23rd August but the hand back to the library has been delayed by two weeks."