Sunday 4 December 2011

Update on the Food Train project

Last month, I mentioned the forthcoming launch of the Food Train service in Dundee.  

The Food Train is a Scottish charity providing a vital grocery delivery service to older people.  This service is run by volunteers and it is recruiting for volunteers to come forward to help across Dundee.

The Social Work Department of Dundee City Council has now given me an update on progress in providing this very useful service :

"The manager has been appointed as is completing his induction. Premises at Market Mews have been secured, and a vehicle purchased.

The recruitment of volunteers in now underway, and discussions are taking place with the Community Planning Partnerships and with Dundee Volunteers Centre.   The Food Train Manager is to attend the Older People Strategic Planning Group.

Negotiations are underway with supermarkets.  Morrisons has already agreed to support the service.

The service will begin on 23 January 2012. There will be a publicity event to mark the launch of the service.

A communication strategy is in place which will cover the following:

* notifying/updating relevant stakeholders
* service users who are currently on a waiting list for our shopping service  will all receive a visit from a member of DCC staff to explain the food train to them
* service users who currently use the DCC shopping service will be given information regarding the food train, and they will be given a choice as to continue with the DCC shopping service or move to the food train
* All relevant DCC staff will be informed/updated on the service
* The Health Partnership will be notified of the service and will promote the service to older people in the community who are not known to Social Work."

I am very pleased at the progress with the Food Train project.   It is vital that the City Council supports the ability of the third sector to help elderly and vulnerable people and the Food Train will be a boon to the many local people who will benefit from this shopping service.