Monday 26 December 2011

Dundee West Park and Ride update

Further to my article last month about possible future Park and Ride facilities sited in the west of the city and the subsequent decision by the regional transport partnership TACTRAN to progress the proposal for siting the facility at Wright Avenue, I sought, on behalf of constituents, some reassurances from TACTRAN about the facility.

The park and ride proposals have been largely welcomed by local residents but householders who live to the north of the preferred site have sought assurances that the facility would be properly screened.    Residents who currently enjoy excellent views of Riverside Nature Park, Invergowrie Bay and the River Tay to the south rightly do not wish to look out to a car park in the future.

TACTRAN's Project Manager has updated me as follows :

"As the Wright Avenue location has been approved by the Tactran Board we will now be taking forward the detailed design, in partnership with Dundee City Council through the City Engineers.  

As you’ll be aware the outline design was carefully designed to complement the landscaping of the surrounding park.  In particular it was designed to be adjacent to the existing trees as they will provide good screening.  

In progressing the design there will be an environmental assessment undertaken and this will include visual amenity for those properties that have a view of the site and I will ensure that appropriate provision will be made for any additional screening that may be required at the site."

There is no doubt that the provision of park and ride facilities will bring significant benefits, not just to the drivers concerned, but to relieving parking problems in parts of the City Centre and the West End.   However, it is important that a facility is properly screened and I am therefore pleased at the assurances given by the regional transport partnership in that regard.