Saturday 17 December 2011

Perth Road pavements

Earlier this year, I asked the City Council that the pavements in Perth Road in the shopping area be resurfaced where they are in poor shape – particularly on the south side between Seafield Road and Shepherd’s Loan.

The Council agreed to resurface the stretch from Step Row to Shepherd’s Loan and targeted for this work to take place in October.

The Council has since advised me :

"The scheme was originally proposed to start in October after the holiday period but due to additional works at other ongoing Council schemes: Waterfront and Dykes of Grey.   We did not have the resources to start this scheme as proposed and have it completed before the Christmas embargo starts, therefore we felt it better to reprogramme the scheme to after the festive season."

I am now advised that the work will take place in early January 2012 and have also requested that the pavement east of Step Row is resurfaced during 2012, following requests from residents, including the sheltered housing tenants at Seafield Lane.