Wednesday 7 December 2011

Shaftesbury Place - an update

Back in August, I met with Shaftesbury Place residents and a member of the City Development Department of the City Council regarding the extremely poor condition of the unadopted Shaftesbury Place's combined road/footway.

Since then, I have been in correspondence with the council's legal officers to ascertain what might be possible by way of getting this extremely poor conditioned road/footway upgraded and adopted by the local authority.

However, another aspect has been the poor condition of the lighting and I am pleased to report some progress with that.   The City Engineer has advised me as follows :

"The Street Lighting Partnership is in the process of upgrading the existing Street Lighting at this location due the electrical and structural condition of the existing equipment.    The Road Scotland Act 1984 grants legal powers to the Council to install lighting on unadopted roads which the Council feels in its opinion should be lit.   There has been street lighting installed in this street for over 40 years, hence the need for the Council to maintain it."