Friday 30 June 2023

Update on bus timetables at stops #dundeewestend

As residents are aware, we have repeatedly raised with the City Council that, although real time bus information is working at bus shelters, paper timetables became been out of date following the bus companies altered services at the start of the COVID health emergency in 2020.

We pressed this issue on numerous occasions and were advised in February that 350 stops had now had up to date information on them.

However that means the majority still did not and this recent example from Hawkhill at the Sinderins underlines the problem - the timetable information here is from 2018!

We think proper information at bus stops is vital if the council is to successfully promote public transport - not everyone has access to an on-line app and many people get on a bus at a stop without a bus shelter and its real time information facility.

We have therefore highlighted this example to the council transportation team and asked for progress on the restoration of bus timetables at bus stops.