Wednesday 21 June 2023

Getting things done - Postal deliveries #dundeewestend

We recently had complaints about postal deliveries in parts of the West End, particularly in Pitfour Street and surrounding area.

We took this up with Royal Mail and have now been updated by its Senior Public Affairs Manager as follows :

"Thank you for your communication regarding mail deliveries to Pitfour Street in your West End Ward. Delivering a reliable service is our top priority, and I am very sorry that your constituents have cause for concern.

Royal Mail is continually adapting to the rapidly changing nature of the modern postbag, which now comprises more parcels and fewer letters. Since the start of the pandemic there has been a rapid acceleration in the decline of letters and an increase in parcels to an ever increasing number of addresses. We continually review delivery rounds, including addresses that are served by Dundee West Delivery Office. This is to ensure that postmen and women each have a fair distribution of workload.

After a review of delivery rounds at Dundee West Delivery Office, changes were recently implemented. This meant that the postman and woman are now delivering to a revised delivery round. The Customer Operations Manager advised that Dundee West Delivery Office has recently been experiencing resourcing issues due to higher than normal absence for this time of year. This has led to some disruption to mail deliveries to Pitfour Street, which I fully appreciate is incredibly frustrating. I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused your constituents.

The Customer Operations Manager has confirmed that mail deliveries to Pitfour Street are currently taking place on a rotational basis to minimise disruption. They are doing everything they can to ensure mail deliveries are as frequent as possible and are focused on returning to a six day service. This remains their priority."