Wednesday 7 June 2023

Getting things done - lighting south of Ninewells Hospital #dundeewestend

A resident recently contacted us as follows :

"I walk to Ninewells hospital daily from the Invergowrie end of the Perth Road. There is a lack of lighting as you walk down the path past the Maggie’s Centre towards the Technology Park (that runs behind Carseview) and I wondered if this path can be considered for better lighting please?

The path is used by many people and in the midst of winter when there is very little daylight, walking home doesn’t feel terribly safe when you are walking alone to and from work."

The council's street lighting partnership manager advised us :

"I’m afraid that it doesn’t appear to be the Council’s responsibility. As you can see from the drawing – I’ve highlighted in yellow the paths that are not the council's - blue is council roads and footpaths."

We therefore contacted NHS Tayside and its Head of Property advises :

"We have been in contact with the Central Legal Office to determine with certainty ownership and responsibilities etc. I am informed the outcome should be with us shortly.

I have instructed the Estates Division that whilst we await clarification, any practical steps to ensure paths are at least clear etc. are to be taken."

We will, of course, keep residents updated.