Saturday 17 September 2022

Update on the path from Tait's Lane to Peddie Street #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that we have raised the poor condition of the pathway from Tait's Lane to Peddie Street and yesterday we had a very positive site visit with officers from the council's environment management and a Tait's Lane resident about improving the lane.

It was agreed that the dumped items in the lane will be removed, graffiti tackled and over the winter months the weeds and overgrowth will be removed.

The resident who met us yesterday had the very positive suggestion of community use of the beds to allow local residents in Peddie Street and Tait's Lane who are interested to tend a bed each in the lane.   

There will be engagement with neaby residents about this over the winter months too.   Meantime, if any resident has feedback on this proposal, please get in touch - many thanks.