Thursday 22 September 2022

Getting things done - Roseangle #dundeewestend

Michael is pictured at the Roasengle/Perth Road junction where there are concerns about pedestrian safety crossing.

One resident advised :

"My husband and I have been finding the crossing at Roseangle and Perth Road especially unnerving for pedestrians. Specifically when crossing the top of Roseangle going east/west. The geometry of the road means that cars traveling along Perth Road westwards and making a left turn onto Roseangle don’t need to slow down.

I had a car cut me off like this when I was half way through crossing the other day at intimidating speeds.

Changing the shape of the sidewalk or putting posts out part way would make the angle more acute and require cars to slow to make left turns. I think this traffic calming measure would beneficially impact pedestrians in the area, especially with the newly redone Seabraes park nearby."

We have raised this concern with the council's Road Safety Team Leader and will keep residents updated on this issue.