Sunday 4 September 2022

Environmental improvements for Perth Road area #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that we recently posted 'concept drawings' of possible environmental improvements that could be funded through the Town Centre Fund.

In terms of possible viable projects, three were identified - Pennycook Lane outside the police station, the Miller's Wynd car park and area around the West End Community Fridge and the Sinderins "triangle."

The drawings we previously circulated covered the area round the car park and in front of the police station.

The council's City Development Department has now provided similar drawings for the Sinderins "triange" - a site that, in our view is crying out for an upgrade.

The council would welcome feedback - but firstly a few points the department gave us about the drawings!

* The colours shown on the sketches are not fixed and appear more vivid that they’ll be in real life (that’s just a consequence of the software used for the sketching).

* The existing seating will be removed and refurbished – it is anticipated that the seating will likely be re-used at a later date in Taits Lane.
* The design of the seating could be either a modern style similar to or a more heritage look like the seating already installed at Seabraes. The colour of the metalwork can also be chosen by the community.
* No additional lighting is proposed at this stage, though the council would be happy to consider that.

We would add that refurbishing the existing seating and relocating it to Tait's Lane would be most welcome as we have previously raised with environment management the poor condition of the existing seating there.