Friday 16 September 2022

Elliot Road tennis courts - your views appreciated! #dundeewestend

For some time, residents have raised concerns about the deteriorated state of the Elliot Road playing field's tennis courts.

We had raised this with the City Council and, yesterday, Fraser took part in a very useful meeting including representatives from Dundee City Council, Harris Academy, sports clubs representatives and WECSH, the West End Community Sports Hub.

As an immediate step, Neighbourhood Services at the City Council will undertake some work to get rid of the weeds and roll the surface.

However, the main purpose of the meeting was to have some initial discussions about possible long-term improvements to hopefully create a multi-use games area to provide a multi-sport all weather facility.    This would, should it prove possible, benefit Harris Academy and its curriculum delivery but also have very positive West End community benefit.

We have agreed to take initial steps to look at possible partnership funding and delivery models but meantime Fraser would welcome feedback from residents on this by either Facebook message or by e-mailing him at - many thanks!