Friday 23 April 2021

Roads and pavements improvements 2021-22 #dundeewestend

Yesterday, I was advised of the detail of roads and pavements improvements planned for the West End for this financial year and these are as follows :

Adopted Footway Programme 2021-22

Perth Road South Side - Nr 312 to Taylors Lane – Resurface

South Tay Street - East Side - Whole Length – Slabs

Taits Lane - Both Sides - Various Sections - Resurface + Kerb

Unadopted Asset Programme 2021-22

Dunmore Gardens – Footways – Reconstruction

Norwood Terrace - North Footway – Reconstruction

Perth Road - South Footway Phase 2 – Reconstruction *

Rockfield Crescent – Footways – Reconstruction

* I sought clarity as to the precise part of Perth Road concerned and am advised it is the south pavement roughly between opposite the bottom of Ninewells Avenue to just west of Millbay Terrace/Gardens

Non-Adopted Asset Programme 2021-22

Seafield Road Car Park - 15 Bays - Resurface

Union Place (South) Car Park - 35 Bays - Reconstruction

Carriageway Programme 2021-22

Briarwood Terrace - Whole Cul de Sac – Resurface

Grosvenor Road - Perth Road to Shaftesbury Road – Resurface

Newhall Gardens - Main Loop Only - Surface Dress

Ninewells Avenue - Perth Road to Dickson Avenue-  Surface Dress

These are very welcome – I have been raising many of these with the City Council repeatedly on behalf of residents.   However, this does not go nearly as far as is required for the West End in terms of getting all our roads and footpaths up to standard.

At the 2021 Dundee City Council budget meeting, my colleague and I presented an alternative budget which would have seen an extra £2 million capital spending over the next year on roads resurfacing.   

We believe a substantial increase in roads resurfacing is necessary to tackle worn and potholed local roads.  

Unfortunately, none of the other parties supported our £2 million additional spending despite it being fully costed, but I will continue to pursue improving road condition across the West End.