Thursday 15 April 2021

Getting things done - Riverside Avenue #dundeewestend

I have received a number of residents' concern about the width of the foot/cycle path on part of Riverside Avenue, particularly between the roundabout with Riverside drive and the entrance to Riverside Nature Park at Wright Avenue.

This comment from a resident captures the concern :

“The footpath along Riverside Avenue from the roundabout going to Wright Avenue is far too narrow for pedestrians, prams, children AND bicycles. Noticed a lady having to step onto the road while trying to move around prams and a fast moving lorry was lucky to have missed her.”

I raised this recently with the City Council's Team Leader, Parking & Sustainable Transport who has responded as follows :

"This section of footway carries the NCN77 (National Cycle Network) and officers are aware that width is less than desirable. As part of the Spaces for People programme this winter, there has been a clearance of overgrown shrubs in this area - creating more usable space. I have asked colleagues to check whether the shrub clearance is complete - and determine whether more work to scrape back the earth/leaves is needed.

Work to widen the path or re-route this section of the NCN will be considered and may be taken forward as a future project. We would hope to be able to match our own capital allocation for active travel infrastructure against external funding sources to take projects like this forward."