Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Stop the closure of Ryehill Police Office!

Earlier today, I was given confirmation by our local police Chief Inspector that Police Scotland intends to consult on the possible closure of the Ryehill Police Office at the Pennycook Lane/Perth Road junction. I made clear to the Chief Inspector that I am wholly against such a move - the Ryehill Police Office is a crucial resource in the West End and closing it would be highly detrimental. Later today, at the West End Community Council meeting, I reinforced this view and it is clear there is strong community support to stop any proposal to close this local police office. The proposal to consult on the closure is just another detrimental example of a centralised single police force. At the time the abolition of Tayside Police was proposed, I warned that the centralisation of police into a single force would lead in time to cuts in local police resources and those who supported the single police force should reflect on the error of centralisation. Our local police do an excellent job but a nationwide rationalisation of the police estate is a really bad move and I have no doubt the West End community will rally to the cause of saving the Ryehill Police Station.