Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Russian School achieves first with GCSE successes

Over the years, I have taken a close interest in the work of Dundee's Russian School and I am delighted at the school's success in achieving the school's first certificates. 

The school's students of Russian as a foreign language were delighted with their GCSE results, with a 100% success rate including an A*. 

The school's Director Dr Andriy Sukhodub is also happy with his students' success. "

Andriy said, "These GCSEs are a first for our school, and we are all extremely proud of our students. Our main focus, as a Saturday school, has always been on delivering supplementary education in Russian for children in the local Russian-speaking community, but adult education is also very important to us.    Our students' success in obtaining their GCSE Russian validates all their hard work during the year and shows how our school can make a positive impact on students of all ages."

Student, Stephen Connor, added, "We only decided in February to formalise our learning by going for the GCSE so we are all happy to have passed.   We are all grateful to our teacher Miss Olga Kovaljova and to the school for providing such a friendly and helpful environment to study.    Russian is not an easy language to learn and so it is great to be able to learn it locally within a Russian speaking institution."

Dundee Russian School meets every Saturday from 11am to 3pm and provides classes for children of all ages.    The new school term starts this month, with exact date to be confirmed.    The school is looking forward to move into the new Harris Academy building. 

"Old Harris Academy was our first venue and we loved it.   The place is very special for us and we hope the new building will become our new home in a new academic year," added Dr Sukhodub. 

You can read more about the school here.