Sunday, 11 September 2016

Polling Place - Harris Academy/West Park Centre

Prior to its decant for the Harris Academy rebuild, the school was used for many years as a polling station, serving a large part of the western part of the West End Ward.

During the decant, the polling station moved across the road to the West Park Centre (the modern conference centre, not the main, older West Park mansion).     

I have been in contact with council officers in the past few months as the new school building reached completion about the long-term polling station arrangements.

I have now been advised by the City Council as follows - a sensible decision which will cause least disruption to the school and which will work well as West Park has proved to be an excellent site for the polling station over the past three years :

"Following a visit to Harris ... we have decided that for all future planned elections we will continue to use West Park as due to the layout of the school using it as a polling place would cause disruption. 

The only time we might have to use it is if a snap election was called and West Park wasn't available in which case the area which would cause least disruption would be the Library but entering from the door to the west of the main reception and not the reception door itself.    This would allow the school to continue albeit with loss of pupil access to the Library on the day."