Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Getting things done - Shepherd's Loan

I have received residents' complaints about the poor conditioned and badly graffitied electricity sub station in Shepherd's Loan - see right:

I contacted Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks about this recently and was pleased to receive this update at the end of last week, with a commitment to replace the old cabinet and upgrade the infrastructure this week  -    (From SSE Customer Relationship Management) :

"I have been informed works are already scheduled to replace the cabinet and a new concrete foundation laid. This is scheduled to begin next week, weather permitting. 

The civil works will begin Monday i.e. the removal of the cabinet and the new foundation to be excavated, this will be followed on with the shutter & concrete works, again a couple of days for the concrete to cure, and then the cabinet will be dropped over the equipment after that, so looking to drop the cabinet Friday, weather and lorry permitting."