Saturday, 23 January 2016

Pedestrian safety at Balgay Cemetery, Hill and Park

One of the roads running through Balgay Cemetery
I have recently received a number of constituents' concerns about pedestrian safety at Balgay Cemetery, Hill and Park.    The following comment from a local resident is typical :

“I would ... like to tell you about the speeding cars in Balgay Cemetery and the road leading up to the observatory, as I often walk in both places.   These drivers need to be more careful as there are children about.”

I raised this with a senior manager in the Environment Department of the council who has responded positively as follows :

"I can see how there are concerns from park users particularly if the have young children present. 

We can certainly look at improving the signage.   I  will copy this to both the Head of Transportation to see if he has advice on traffic calming measures and also Leisure & Culture Dundee in terms of a view to see if there is a message we should be sending to visitors. 

Finally I will also copy this to the area supervisor and we will remind staff of the need to repeat speed limits and generally look out for visitors to the park and cemetery."

With specific regard to the road up to Mills Observatory, Leisure & Culture Dundee, who operate the observatory, has also responded, stating :

"We are presently looking at directional signage for The Mills to replace existing which is tired and in need of updating.

It might be worthwhile looking at incorporating something which indicates a speed restriction or advises caution for anyone in vehicles."