Wednesday 27 January 2016

Bank unwilling to reconsider Perth Road branch closure

Yesterday, I met with senior TSB officials about their proposed closure of the Perth Road Branch but, after a lengthy discussion with them, it is clear that the bank is unwilling to reconsider its decision.

I met with TSB’s Distribution Director for Scotland and their London-based Public Affairs Senior Manager and put the case for the bank retaining the Perth Road Branch given the loyal customer base it has enjoyed over many years, the importance of retaining one bank branch in the area and the inconvenience the closure would have to local people in the West End, particularly the elderly and those with mobility difficulties.

What was very clear from the meeting is that the bank has decided to close the branch for commercial reasons.   The lease on the branch’s building is up for renewal and the bank has decided it won’t renew it.     Although TSB officials said that the decision was not taken lightly, it is clear that the bank is not willing to renew the decision which is very disappointing.

Being aware of the fact that the branch continues to be very well used by customers in the local community, I was anxious that the bank listened to all the points made by the very many residents who have contacted me, expressing their deep dismay at the bank’s decision.

The bank officials did give a commitment to ensure that the transfer of accounts will not have to be to their Meadowside Dundee HQ.   If a customer would prefer to transfer to Lochee, the bank is willing to do this and the bank has promised that the Perth Road staff will be retained and will transfer to other local branches.   However, the bank will not retain their cash machine on Perth Road.

I am hugely disappointed at TSB’s position as this represents the final bank branch in the Perth Road district shopping centre being lost.   It’s the sixth bank branch to go in the wider West End and Lochee areas over the past few years and its really bad news, particularly for those less mobile and those who don’t use internet or phone banking.     I will continue to campaign for the retention  of local facilities like this as the loss of them is a real blow to the local community.