Saturday, 30 January 2016

Dundee City Council to debate closure of Dundee’s call-handling operation

I have secured a debate at the council’s Policy and Resources Committee over fears following Police Scotland’s decision to axe Dundee’s call-handling operation in June as part of controversial reforms.   I have strongly criticised moves to close the facility in Dundee’s Bell Street and relocate it to the central belt.

I am very concerned by this further centralisation of police resource away from Dundee.  The call centre has served Dundee well over the years until the creation of Police Scotland.    Police Scotland has said it will “plan to work towards” moving all 999 and non-emergency calls from Dundee to the national centre from late June.

Now all 999 and 101 calls will be answered by police staff in the central belt rather than locally which is really bad news with the loss of staff with local knowledge.

I have therefore secured this debate at Policy and Resources Committee on 14th March to discuss this serious concern to the city.   It is important that the City Council makes clear to Police Scotland our concerns over the loss of this vital facility to Dundee.

I spoke on Wave 102 News yesterday about the situation.   You can listen to the interview by clicking 'play' below :