Monday, 25 January 2016

Path - Perth Road to Riverside Avenue

North end of the path
Residents have raised with me the fact that the pathway running down from Perth Road to Riverside Avenue (runs behind the west side of River Crescent and the east side of Riverside Place) is overgrown.    The path is well-used - a main route on foot from Perth Road to Riverside Nature Park. 

I contacted the Environment Department of Dundee City Council regarding this and have been advised as follows:

" ... the Network Team has recently upgraded this path.   During this time we were unable to gain access.   Now that this section is complete, we are hoping (if weather allows us) to get in there to start bringing this area back to standard.

(With regard to) the long term solution ... I have a few thoughts and this will be carried out between January -March.   Again this will depend on the weather."