Tuesday, 3 November 2015

New Tay Road Bridge Twitter service

As a member of the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board, I am delighted to see today's launch of the new bridge Twitter account which will give bridge users useful travel information, including regular and accurate information about the bridge status such as weather restrictions to bridge access, etc.

Earlier this year, the Board discussed having a social media presence as a useful service to the public and I am pleased that the Bridge Manager and his staff have moved this forward.

The new Twitter account - @tay_road_bridge - is live as of today and the bridge website has also been updated with a fresh new look and is accessible at www.tayroadbridge.co.uk.

I recently visited the bridge offices to see the new services in prototype and during the visit was given a very interesting tour of the bridge - here's a photo of me (below) under the southbound roadway of the bridge!