Monday, 16 November 2015

Bus shelter - Perth Road - a further update

Back in July, I updated residents about my request of the City Council to provide a bus shelter on Perth Road at either the Rockfield Street or Windsor Street stops, given how exposed it is there.   At that time, the council hoped to provide one later in the year.

As this has not yet happened, I asked the council for an update and was advised as follows:

“We have recently relocated seven of our existing bus shelters to new sites.  Unfortunately, Perth Road at Rockfield Street was not one of the selected sites for the shelters to be relocated to.   It's still on our list, and currently there is no site ahead of it on our scoring system.  I had not been minded to acquire new shelters when we still had redundant shelters dotted around the city - but these are beginning to reduce in number.  

At the Perth Road site, footway width is a limitation, which means only the narrower style of shelter can be accommodated.    While I would not completely rule out a move or a new shelter this winter, I think it is now unlikely.  I will however review our approach to shelter requests in light of the issue this e-mail exchange has highlighted (i.e. lack of 'redundant' narrow shelters).”

I have responded asking that all effort is made to attempt to get this resolved before the bad winter weather and I will keep residents updated.