Monday, 18 May 2015

City Council committee meetings

Earlier tonight saw a lengthy session of City Council meetings.

* At the City Council meeting, I spoke in a debate on proposed City Council ward boundary changes, supporting the position that the West End Ward boundaries remain as they are as they follow a mainly logical boundary.   I have, however, written to the Secretary of the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland agreeing with one of the Commission's draft proposals in relation to making the boundary a bit more straightforward at the north end of Glamis Road.

* At the Education Committee, I opposed the SNP administration's proposals to change support staffing arrangements in secondary schools.   This will result in a reduction of two people in support staffing at Harris Academy, something I view as highly detrimental.   The SNP's proposal was, however, unfortunately voted through on the Education Convener's casting vote.

* At Housing Committee, I welcomed a positive inspection of the sheltered housing warden service and also applauded Shelter's "Make Renting Right" campaign, something I have already publicly supported, along with several other city councillors.     Unfortunately, there then followed a negative and pointless 'debate' between SNP and Labour councillors over conference attendance.   The phrase 'a plague on both your houses' springs to mind.

* At City Development Committee, I warmly welcomed roofing repairs and replacement at Ancrum Road Primary School - this is long overdue.

* At Policy & Resources Committee, I queried the best value of extending the council's mobile telephony contract and received assurances about this.