Wednesday, 27 May 2015

20mph zones in residential areas - latest news

Following on from the decision by Dundee City Council in February to consult residents across Dundee about where people want 20 mph zones in residential areas, I have sought an update from the City Council’s Head of Transportation about when the consultation I successfully sought will take place.

The council’s Head of Transportation has advised me as follows :

“The issues are still being considered by the traffic engineers and this includes comparisons with other areas' policies and visiting other cities to compare some of the options available.  We are projecting that we will commerce the community engagement, with a draft policy for Dundee, in early Autumn, just after summer holiday period.  The aim for a return to City Development Committee at November or December City Development Committee.

I have been discussing this in various meetings recently and we will utilise the network of community representative fora as noted at committee in February.”

I am pleased that progress towards this consultation is taking place as it is important to ask people across the city where they feel lower speed limits in residential areas would be appropriate.    

In the West End, there have been requests for lower speed limits in areas where there are many elderly residents trying to cross residential roads or where children regularly play.   However a formal consultation exercise is necessary and I am pleased this will be taking place later this year.