Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tackling concerns about discarded needles

Last week, both the Courier and Evening Telegraph highlighted my concerns after the recent case of a young boy finding a dirty needle in a stairwell in the Blackness area.   

I made the point (and reinforced it at the City Council's Policy & Resources Committee) that there was a need to publicise to residents the steps to take if a needle or needles are found.   

To simplify the safe collection of needles there is a single point of contact phone number.  This can be used 24 hours a day for a rapid response to remove the danger and the contact number is 433063.

The Head of Communities at Dundee City Council has now advised me :

"I would add to that we are shortly to launch a Dundee Community Safety Partnership Facebook Page which will also be used to promote messages about the safe disposal of needle litter.  

The Community Safety Manager has been chairing a Needle Litter Working Group and a draft action has been prepared for further development.  I will send you a copy of the action plan once it has been finally agreed."