Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tuesday meetings

Yesterday, I attended the latest meeting of the Sinderins and Pennycook Courts' Residents Association - on this occasion, an open meeting of all tenants.    We had a discussion about a number of issues - including garden maintenance, scheme management support, noise issues and I updated everyone about the forthcoming West End Christmas Fortnight events. 

We were also advised that the independence debate event at Sinderins Court I participated in back in August features in the latest edition of Home Group's national homelife magazine.

Later yesterday, I also attended the latest West End Community Council meeting.   

This included a useful update from PC Bob Forrester, one of our local community police officers about local policing issues.   Bob highlighted several bicycle thefts in the West End recently and mentioned the importance of chaining your bike and keeping it secure.    
Bob has been a community officer in the West End for some nine years and is soon to move to a new role in Police Scotland.   He has been an excellent, approachable police officer in our local area and he'll be missed - I wish him every success in his new role.