Sunday, 2 November 2014

Area around Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout - south side

In August, I reported that the council had, following my request on behalf of residents, provided a central refuge island and drop kerbs to help folk get across the road in the area around the Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout.    See photo – right.

This was provided north of the roundabout and I have since had requests from residents for similar provision on the south part of Glamis Road – south of the roundabout – again a busy stretch of road.    I therefore raised this with Dundee City Council.

The City Council’s Network Management Team’s Team Leader has since advised me :

“I will arrange for the section south of the roundabout to be inspected for consideration within a future minor works programme.

The Minor Works budget which would provide funds for this type of works is committed for this year's budget 2014/15 with the projected expenditure as per budget availability.”