Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bin collection changes - consultation update

Further to my article earlier today about bin collection changes, the City Council's Environment Director has sent the following useful update to give reassurance about consultation with residents:

"I ... would confirm the following actions being undertaken with regard to consultation as we roll out the new recycling collection systems which hopefully clarifies matters and allays your concerns. 

Our staff have undertaken a survey of every single tenemental and flatted property across the city to establish what we believe is the most effective "design" which will enable us to provide the new services. In certain cases this is relatively straightforward and requires little change to existing systems e.g. where existing Eurobins taking exclusively residual waste are to be replaced with Eurobins which will take the new range of commodities. However in other areas where a more significant change is required, or where it appears difficult to accommodate the new systems due to space difficulties, we are carrying out an initial consultation exercise with affected residents, to take on board their views prior to developing the "design".

Once we have developed the "design", we then have a team of staff who are undertaking a door knocking exercise in advance of the roll out. Their role is to explain the proposed new systems, explain how it will work, timings etc and to answer any questions that residents may have. At the same time if there were a strong body of opinion against what is being proposed in a specific location and a viable alternative were proposed, then this feedback would be taken on board and the "design" reconsidered. I would emphasise that every single property in the city will be visited as we roll out the phased implementation. If there is no one at home when we call, then we will leave explanatory information and contact details. A revisit can be arranged if requested or alternatively we are hosting a number of local drop-in sessions for anyone to come along to in advance of the roll out, to have their questions answered. 

The above approach is being followed in the two phase 1 areas and to date we have had a lot of very positive feedback and engagement. Clearly we will keep this under review and if required will introduce changes as the roll out progresses to ensure the most effective use of the resources available to the project."