Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Friends of Magdalen Green Public Lecture & AGM

This evening, I was pleased to attend the Friends of Magdalen Green Public Lecture & AGM at Dundee West Church.     An interesting and entertaining address was given by Murray Nicoll of the Tay Valley Family History Society on West End connections to the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster - a couple of photos below:
Murray Nicoll addresses the meeting
Part of the audience tonight
Angela Mehlert, having served her full term of four years as Chair stood down as did I as Secretary, a post I have also held for the past four years.   The new Chair is Catherine Fairweather and Sandra McDowall is new Secretary.     Christine Thompson stood down as Treasurer earlier this year and new Treasurer is Sharon Dickie.

Angela, Christine & I were all very touched at the kind presentations given to us.    The Friends Committee is a great team and Angela and I are staying on the committee for 2014/15 - Angela as Vice Chair and myself as one of the ordinary committee members.   Much has been achieved over the past year, particularly in relation to the Roseangle playpark campaign, and an exciting year for the Friends lies ahead.