Sunday 31 March 2024

Getting things done - Roseangle playpark #dundeewestend

We have recently received concerns about repairs needed at the Roseangle playpark.

As one resident advised :

"We were in Roseangle play park with my wee boy today, it is sadly in a bit of a state.

The wee train’s steering wheel and seat is gone, the zipline is broken again and a lot of the barriers around the swings are damaged.

I hope it can be fixed before the good weather is here, it would be great having every toy available for the kids to play with."

We raised this with the City Council's environment management and have received the following helpful response :

"Our playgrounds team will assess the damage to the wooden train and the barriers as mentioned in your email below. Thereafter required repairs will be scheduled as soon as possible.

We are currently awaiting delivery of a replacement zip line wire. Once this arrives from our supplier the playgrounds team will fit this bringing the play equipment back into use."